• Royal Twins


    The royal couple reveal their family joy and how Mary is joining the fight to protect the rights of children

  • Cold Case Murders
    Cold Case Murders


    Crime writer Megan Norris uncovers the details of the shocking cases that Australia will never forget

  • Fight For Justice
    Fight For Justice

    The Fight For Justice - Our Promise To Daniel

    When Queensland police launched one of Australia’s biggest missing person hunts in 2003, in a bid to shed
    light on the suspected abduction of 13-year-old Daniel Morcombe, his distraught parents Bruce and Denise
    issued a sombre warning to his kidnappers.

  • Trishna & Krishna
    Trishna & Krishna

    Trishna & Krishna - Best Christmas Ever

    If Christmas is a time for counting your blessings then it’s doubly true for charity worker and doting mum, Moira Kelly. She sits beneath the giant tree at her Victorian farm, watching her world famous charges studying their reflections in the brightly coloured baubles.

  • On Fathers Day
    On Fathers Day


    The story of Robert Farquharson, who drove into a Victorian dam and drowned his three sons on Father's Day
    2005 to pay his former wife back for ending their marriage

I'm Megan Norris, freelance writer, author and journalist with over thirty years experience supplying exclusive headline stories to the national magazines and TV media.

Cindy Gambino - I Know How He Killed My Boys

Written by Megan Norris
Cindy Gambino - I Know How He Killed My Boys

For years Cindy Gambino defended her ex-husband, who was found guilty of murdering their three kids on Father’s Day. But she realised the shocking truth at his second trial in 2010.

In 2007 the shattered mum Cindy Gambino collapsed in anguish when her former husband was jailed for life for murdering their three boys by driving his car into an icy dam on Father’s Day.

Ben Valerio - Killer Stole My Childhood

Written by Megan Norris
Ben Valerio - Killer Stole My Childhood

The man who took little Daniel’s life is now walking free – and his brother wants justice

The sad, vacant eyes and battered face of abused tot Daniel Valerio stares out from faded newspaper cuttings, capturing a brief, fear-ridden life that culminated in his brutal death at the hands of his stepfather more than 20 years ago.

Tsunami Terror - Disaster Gave Me Life

Written by Megan Norris
Tsunami Terror - Disaster Gave Me Life

Christmas is a time for miracles, and Melbourne mum Rebecca Samarias is convinced a guardian angel watched over her when she survived the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami that swept away her dream Sri Lankan honeymoon. While the disaster could have stolen her spirit, instead it set her on a lifelong path to help others.

Wealthy Businessman Chris Soteriou had a life to die for Love You To Death

In 2010 as he left his surprise 44th birthday, organised by the sexy, seemingly devoted Vicky, Chris was attacked by a man called Ari Dimitrakis…Vicky’s lover.

Vicky, Chris’s wife of 18 years, was manipulative and conniving. She promised Chris she “loved him to death” yet organised for him to die. At the surprise party she fawned all over him while her lover lay in wait to kill Soteriou. At her trial her defence claimed she was suffering from post-natal depression, yet it wasn’t the first time she had tried to have Chris killed, nor was she the model of fidelity to her husband, whom she had three children

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One Woman, One Dog and an 18,000-kilometre Run for a Cause Running Pink

Nothing was going to stop breast cancer survivor Deborah De Williams from running 18,026 kilometres around Australia to raise funds for breast cancer research. Her initial attempt was abandoned – but only after running the last 825 kilometres on broken feet.Told she would never run again, Deborah went on to prove everybody wrong, drawing her inspiration from a dying young breast cancer battler.

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I was proud to launch a book about a truly inspiring Tasmanian, Deborah De Williams – Running Pink. Written by Megan Norris, Deborah’s story is one of hope. The hope Deborah has given to others and those who gave her hope when she needed it most after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

Will Hodgman

Tasmania Leader of the Opposition

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